Bolivar Tubos No. 2

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The Bolivar Tubos No.2, named after the great military leader, that played a decisive role in the liberation of great parts of Latin America from the Spanish Empire rule, is one of the most powerful and aromatic among the Habanos.

Being a 129x42 cigar, it can be enjoyed when the time is of the essence.

Its production started as early as in the beginning of the 20th century. This vitola honors the historical powerful figure it is named after, as it delivers rich aromas of tobacco, which would surely delight the cigar aficionado.

The complexity of aroma within the cigar comes from the premium tobacco leaves that grow in the Vuelta Abajo region and from its perfect hand rolled construction.

This is a round shaped Cuban Petit Corona in the truest sense.

Powerful and rich, this cigar will be more suited to the regular smoker of Cuban cigars.

The tubes will mean these cigars need to be aged for a few years to allow the blend to open, but beyond that, this Bolivar Petit Corona will become better and better. 

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