Montecristo No. 3

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This Corona from Montecristo Turns out to be an intermediate step between the world's most-sold Habano (the Montecristo No. 4) and the large formats of the brand. It occupies a very outstanding place, althought more as substitute fo the No. 1, or as expansion of the No. 4.

The surfeit of this brand has challenged its undoubted prestige, but those who are Montecristo Smokers are faithful to all its formats. A Habano that never lets you down. The reputation of this classic corona suffers from the unsettled quality control applied in the factory, otherwise, we can enjoy the excellent taste of roasted coffee bean, on an undertone of a constant earthiness. The final is woody.This cigar's incredibly massive volume of production is testament to its reliability and consistency. It is the highest sold Cuban Corona in the world.

It is very popular with new smokers, as the blend is more than manageable and the development of power is very gentle and never offensive. The gentler coffee and vanilla flavors come through creamily, giving the impression of smoking a mild cigar.  A classic shape. This corona is very well known and is available to everyone. 

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