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The Montecristo OPEN Junior at 110mm x 38 is the smallest format of the OPEN line. Montecristo OPEN is the ideal choice for unexperienced Habanos smokers, or for aficionados of mild premium cigars. However, it is still a premium choice for experienced Habanos connoisseur.

Very well suited for a morning cigar or for a drink to go around a nice wine or whisky.

The Montecristo OPEN Junior is great for any outdoor sporting activity.This is the fourth cigar from the new Montecristo-Open line. A small sized Montecristo with a second ring with the Golden letter OPEN and the vitola name.Ideal cigar for any summer outdoor activity as golf or polo

This cigar is a must have for any cigar aficionado who also happens to love golf. Light woody and leathery aromas ooze out of this small cigar in a relaxed and controlled manner. Made for Polo and Cigar Aficionados. Junior in size maybe, in flavor this is a cigar that could just make this summer one of the best yet.

Close your eyes and you feel like your in Provence.

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