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This Corona from Romeo y Julieta turns out to be more a Juliet than a Romeo - suave, discreet and with personal charm.A tubed Romeo y Julieta cigar for mobile smokers on the go. Typical mix of Romeo flavors (nuts, leather, fruit and some bean) delivered in an easy smoke.

Can be enjoyed young and by all level of smokers. 

The Tubos packaging on this cigar means that aging will be easier, with a better outcome. This medium bodied cigar is a typical Romeo y Julieta, offering mild woody/leathery/tangy flavors. A pleasant cigar hat can be enjoyed by all.

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1 Review

Max Behrens 3rd Feb 2017

Quite Fine

Let me start by saying that this is a genuine Cuban cigar, hence it is more robust and flavoursome than non-cubans. In my opinion this doesn't translate to a first or starter cigar. My first cigar was this one, and for me it was like a strike to the senses. Way too much for someone who doesn't know what to expect. Later on with another attempt the verdict was totally different. For the slightly more experienced, and even as a third smoke, this beautiful corona opens up to wonderful wooden flavors almost since the first light. With a easy draw and a generous smoke the first third and the body stays consistent with loads of typical Cuban flavors including leather, wood, and a definite tangy aftertaste. In the final third or quarter the strength picks up and the smoke quickens as the length decreases and the draw opens up more. Many would let it out and call it a day, but for those who enjoy a stronger stick, the last third or so will not disappoint.
Overall, this is a wonderful typical Cuban cigar, and the aluminum tube with a Spanish Cedar lining allows transport to be easier and the humidity stays better for longer, making this a great cigar for your humidor and especially for taking for an outing.

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