The time of year that nobody enjoys!

The time of year that nobody enjoys!

Posted by on 29th Mar 2024

A price increase will be happening in the couple of following days across our whole range. 

It’s that time of the year that everybody dislikes, even myself as we try to stay as competitive as possible. 

Unfortunately there have been crazy increases along the chain of importing cigars: 

  • Cigar Manufactures: 6% - 10% (due to increase of raw material and increase of wages to combat the mass emigration to the USA) 
  • Logistics: 15% - 25% (since COVID, logistics have just sky rocketed from all the fuel and other costs related) 
  • Tobacco Tax: 8% (Although SA does not have the highest tax on tobacco products, this increase seriously affects all imports we do. As tax in SA is pre-paid to SARS on each import we do, this does hurt a lot!) 
While most places will implement a yearly price increase, we have not had a price increase like this for 2 years (on the New World cigars), however we can not sustain this any longer. 
But, as mentioned on the email sent out, not everything is bad news! 
We are looking into new exciting brands that have competitive prices so we can increase our cigar offerings, and we are also working in 2 projects that will be advertised as soon as it’s in the final stages! 
With this, i will leave you to smoke your stogie in peace, guaranteeing you that our service and our passion for cigars will continue and grow stronger!