Travel Cases

  • Cigar Stand Cigar Stand - Silver

    Cigar Stand

    The Perfect companion for your cigar.  Take the cigar stand wherever you go so you can rest that stogie down without worrying about cigar ashtrays.  Available in 4 colors. 
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  • Gurkha Tactical Travel Case Gurkha Tactical Travel Case

    Tactical Travel Case

    Constructed from rugged and resilient ABS plastic, the Gurkha Black Tactical Case is the best way to transport your cigars safely. Able to accommodate up to thirty cigars (more without the sponges), this case features two locking clips, a convenient...
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  •  Daniel Marshall Silky Leather 5-Cigar Travel Case  Daniel Marshall Silky Leather 5-Cigar Travel Case

    Silky Leather 5-Cigar Travel Case

    Take your cigars to your next outing in style using the new Daniel Marshall Silky Black Italian Leather Travel Cigar Case. It can hold five double coronas, plus your lighter, cutter, business cards and a few key documents. The exterior is dark, with a...
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