Laguito No. 3

  • H.Upmann Coronas Junior H.Upmann Coronas Junior

    H.Upmann Coronas Junior

    From its intricate and complex flavor sensation to the even burn and classic ash that been the hallmark of H. Upmann’s incredibly fine cigar making, the 1844 Reserve captures everything aficionados have loved about H. Upmann cigars¬ and then...
    R199.00 - R4,971.00
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  • Cohiba Panetelas Cohiba Panetelas


    A small cigar, created in line with the rest of the original Cohiba Linea Classica. Intensely rich in bean flavor, but packaged with a light tobacco aroma giving the impression of a mild fresh smoke. The cigar will need to heat up to get smooth draw,...
    R435.00 - R10,874.00
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