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  • Oscar Habano Toro Oscar Habano Toro

    The Oscar Habano Toro

    The Oscar Habano is one of the newest blends produced at Oscar Valladares’s factory in Honduras. With the success of earlier brands like Leaf by Oscar and Island Jim’s it was only natural for the talents of Oscar to shine further. The Oscar...

    R397.00 - R4,366.00
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  • The Oscar Maduro Toro The Oscar Maduro Toro

    The Oscar Maduro Toro

    Oscar Valladares & Co. made a name for themselves with the off-the-wall series LEAF by Oscar, where a collection of blends were packaged in an additional tobacco leaf; used in place of cellophane for the cigar's protection. This fan-favorite...

    R397.00 - R4,366.00
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