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Corona Gorda

  • Bolivar Tubos No. 2 Bolivar Tubos No. 2

    Bolivar Tubos No. 2

    The Bolivar Tubos No.2, named after the great military leader, that played a decisive role in the liberation of great parts of Latin America from the Spanish Empire rule, is one of the most powerful and aromatic among the Habanos. Being a 129x42 cigar,...

    R238.00 - R5,956.00
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  • Bolivar Tubos No.1 Bolivar Tubos No.1

    Bolivar Tubos No.1

    The Bolivar Tubos No.1 is a very elegant cigar (142x42). Its construction is incredible and provides lots of complexity in aromas. The flavors are dominated by earthy tones, wood, mixed with lots of spices. It does have heavy aromas despite being...

    R278.00 - R6,962.00
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  • Box of Hoyo de Monterey Epicure Especial Tube Hoyo de Monterey Epicure Especial Tube

    Epicure Especial Tube

    The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial is a Habanos of excellent size (50 x 141mm), in line with the preferences of today's smokers. This Habanos presents a characteristic softness and intense flavor, and soon it will turn into a class of its own after...

    R384.00 - R5,766.00
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  • Padron 2000 Natural - Box of 4 Padron 2000 Natural - Single Stick

    Padron Series 2000

    Select Maduro or Natural Option Consistent as clockwork. Padron cigars are a series of robust Nicaraguan handmades boasting a deep and complex flavor. This brand continually ​gets high marks for consistency, and as such enjoys a loyal and enduring...

    R272.00 - R1,088.00
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  • Partagas De Luxe Partagas De Luxe

    Partagas De Luxe

    An affordable cigar in bronze Aluminium tubes. The official size is called Cremas. This brand is named for it's founder, Don Jaime Partagas, who began manufacturing cigars in 1827, but put his own name on his line of cigars in 1845. An affordable...

    R201.00 - R5,025.00
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  • Punch Punch Punch Punch

    Punch Punch

    Many consider this cigar to be part of the best Coronas Gordas. This size range is where Punch excels as it constructs full flavor cigars. It is a Habano that has loyal fan base. It is resourceful and complex; it unfolds rich aromas and flavors, strong...

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  • Cohiba Siglo II Box of 25 Cohiba Siglo II Box of 15 (5x3) Aluminium Tubes

    Siglo II

    Made from the finest Vuelta Abajo tobacco, the Siglo II is inviting to look at, tender to touch and a treat to the palate. This Petit Corona sometimes seems out of place among the other more attractive Cohiba vitoles, but this small cigar works hard to...

    R313.00 - R7,680.26
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  • Cohiba Siglo IV - Box of 25 Cohiba Siglo IV - Box of 15 (5x3) Aluminium Tubes

    Siglo IV

    If you are a fan of the Corona Gorda vitola look no further than the Siglo IV! Cohiba have been consistent with the quality of this balletic cigar. The prelight aromas of the Siglo IV are worth a sniff, close your eyes and be transported to drying racks...

    R435.00 - R10,658.48
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