Cohiba Siglo IV

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If you are a fan of the Corona Gorda vitola look no further than the Siglo IV!

Cohiba have been consistent with the quality of this balletic cigar. The prelight aromas of the Siglo IV are worth a sniff, close your eyes and be transported to drying racks full of Vegas Primera tobacco ebbing out their sweet musky Ora.

When you smoke the cigar it dances on the taste buds, twirls on the tongue, pirouettes to its culmination in a sleek and all encompassing manner. There is grace in this stogie, not just in the intricate dance performed by the flavours, but in its design and construction.

The wrapper hugs the binder and the bunch in a solid but liberating manner, the evenly spaced and weighted bunch has clear and generous suction.

This Corona Gorda has consistently increased in quality since its introduction in 1992 as part of the Siglo line. With the Siglo IV, Cohiba have a chance to show off what they do best; big and bold cigars. Perfect construction allows for an excellent draw and a balanced even burn. Recognizable Cohiba flavors of honey, vanilla and cedar are spiced up with hints of pepper and nuances of musk. The Cohiba Siglo IV is a feat of balance. 

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