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Lancero / Languito No. 1

  • Home made Cuban Lanceros Cuban Lanceros - "Home made in Cuba"

    Cuban Lanceros - "Home made in Cuba"

    These Lanceros are made in Cuba by a special friend of ours.  As many may know, the Lanceros are the hardest cigars to roll due to their size, and this is always done by an experienced roller.  Our "Home made" Lanceros have a 1 year old...

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  • Cohiba Lanceros Cohiba Lanceros


    The prince of its format is Not in vain, before the Cohiba brand was marketed, this was the emblematic Habano which the Goverment of Republic of Cuba used as an official state present for its guests. Another version of the same, the Trinidad, now...

    R446.00 - R11,145.00
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  • 1502 Ruby Lancero Box Pressed (box of 25) 1502 Ruby Lancero Box Pressed (box of 25)

    Ruby Lancero

    It is the blend created for the discerning smoker’s delight, one that recognizes a great cigar. Its aesthetic presentation reveals the art of the handcraftsmanship that each of our cigar makers have achieved after many years of experience. It...

    R258.00 - R6,247.00
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