Cigar Lighters

  • Cigar Stand Cigar Stand - Silver

    Cigar Stand

    The Perfect companion for your cigar.  Take the cigar stand wherever you go so you can rest that stogie down without worrying about cigar ashtrays.  Available in 4 colors. 
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  • Executive Lighter Executive Lighter

    Executive Lighter

    The Executive Lighter Series is brand new for 2022. Featuring unique dual soft-flame and hard-flames simultaneously. Easy flame height adjustment device on bottom and fuel window on back. Available now in classy colors designs. Includes a full lifetime...
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  • Statesman Lighter Series Statesman Lighter Series

    Statesman Lighter Series

    The Statesman Lighter Series features three inward angled jets, a punch cutter on bottom, an easy to adjust flame height, and a fuel window on the back. Wrapped in luxurious crocodile-style leather in different colors. Includes a full lifetime warranty.
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  •  Xikar Turismo Double-Jet Flame - Matt Red  Xikar Turismo Double-Jet Flame - Matt Red

    Xikar Turismo Double-Jet Flame

    The Turismo is engineered for optimal comfort utilizing the hand's natural progression to ignite the double jet flames. With pocket-friendly dimensions, protective flip-lid and over-sized fuel tank, this lighter is the perfect companion for a backyard...
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  • Newport Butane Gas (250ml)

    Newport Butane Gas (250ml)

    Newport butane extra purified gas. The first major butane from Keen to feature the Near Zero Impurities logo from Keen Newport is synonymous with high quality. The cap on the Newport bottle is among the most innovative in the industry. It features an...
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  • Perfecdraw PerfecDraw


    Winner of the Cigar Trophy Award for Best Accessory of 2018. The Cigar Trophy is considered the top international product award in the cigar industry, based solely on the voting of cigar lovers like you. USA Patented & International...
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  • Rocky Patel Envoy Lighter Lineup Envoy Lighter

    Envoy Lighter

    The Envoy lighters showcases five flames, a punch cutter on the bottom, and a fuel tank window. Available in 5 stunning colors. Includes a full lifetime warranty.  
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  • Rocky Patel Diplomat 5-Flame Lighter - Copper Rocky Patel Diplomat 5-Flame Lighter - Silver

    Diplomat 5-Flame Lighter

    There are lighters and there is the Rocky Patel Diplomat!  The Diplomat tabletop lighter features five powerful blue-flame jets. It’ll ignite your cigar in the blink of an eye! Available in four metallic finishes, this top selling lighter is...
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  • Rocky Patel Burn Burn Lighter 2-Flame

    Burn Lighter 2-Flame

    Inspired by the exotic décor at the BURN by Rocky Patel cigar bar in Naples, Florida, these dual flame lighters brings the bling to your cigar smoking experience! Encased in a sturdy yet lightweight  metal frame, Burn Lighters are available...
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