Gurkha Pure Evil and Rocim Mariana Rose pairing

Gurkha Pure Evil and Rocim Mariana Rose pairing

Posted by Francois Pistorius on 24th Aug 2023

The Gurkha Pure Evil opens with notes of earth, cedar, baker's spice, aged tobacco, and pepper spice. The cigar has prominent damp earth notes. Gurkha cigars create unique luxury cigars. The brand is opulent and quality-made. This robust cigar has expert-aged Nicaraguan tobacco, capped with a polished Dominican binder. Then rolled into a thick, leathery Brazilian wrapper loaded with flavour. The cigar offers a complex layer of flavours of pepper, roasted nuts, oak, earth, and hints of sweetness. There are hints of floral aromas.

Gurkha Pure Evil and Rocim Mariana Rose pairing

Gurkha Pure Evil Blend and Origin

The blend of the Gurkha Pure Evil features a Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The American Caribbean Cigars factory in Estelí, Nicaragua produces the Pure Evil Cigar. Gurkha has a longstanding work relationship with the factory.

Length: 5"

Ring Gauge: 52

Strength: Full

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: American Caribbean Cigars

Gurkha Pure Evil Blend and Origin

Gurkha Pure Evil Appearance

The Habano wrapper of The Gurkha Pure Evil Robusto is quite dark, almost a Maduro wrapper. The wrapper is drier with not much of an oily texture. There are some visible veins on the wrapper. But, the cigar has a smooth surface.

After removing the cellophane, you notice the matte band. The skull.

The first aroma presents textured earthy aromas.

Gurkha Pure Evil Appearance

Gurkha Pure Evil Band and packaging

Gurkha cigars have elaborate packaging.

However, this Ghirkha Pure Evil has a simple band with more traditional wrapped boxes.

The white skull adds a contemporary look. The bands are black with red and silver tones. The holographic skull highlights the cigar band.

Gurkha Pure Evil Band and packaging

Gurkha Pure Evil tasting notes

This robust, powerful smoke has aged Nicaraguan tobacco. A cigar capped with a polished Dominican binder. It has a thick, leathery Brazilian wrapper. It's loaded with flavour.

Intense layers with notes of pepper, roasted nuts, oak, and earth. There are hints of sweetness with floral aromas.

The Pure Evil Ghurkha line marks the return of a previous release from the company’s archives. A cigar line discontinued 15 years ago.

And now resurrected.

Let's clip and start exploring the cigar.

Gurkha Pure Evil Pre-Light Draw

Before lighting up the Gurkha Pure Evil, I used a V cutter. Now for the pre-light draw experience. The cold draw deliveres notes of smokey, coffee, and pepper spice.

Gurkha Pure Evil Pre-Light Draw

Gurkha Pure Evil Dry Draw

Smokey Coffee roast Pepper spice Easy damp earth draw

Gurkha Pure Evil Dry Aroma

Gurkha Pure Evil Dry Aroma

Moisture Cookies Caramel Damp Cellar Now it's time to light up the foot of the Gurkha Pure Evil Robusto and start experiencing the cigar.

Gurkha Pure Evil Tasting Notes

Gurkha Pure Evil Tasting Notes

The Gurkha Pure Evil opens with immense flavour. Yet, the cigar is medium in strength with an easy draw. The first few puffs are mild. I am surprised by the creaminess of the cigar. I expected it to be a spice bomb from the start. There is a light sweet component tied to the aged tobacco.

The damp earth notes moved to the forefront quick, followed by spice and creamy notes.

On the retro-hale, the cigar delivers light pepper and baker’s spice. The creamy component stays present.

During the cigar evolution, the damp earthy notes moved into pungent truffle flavour strength.

If you enjoy truffles, you will know that it is an excellent add-on to food, yet the balance is everything. Together with the more meaty notes, the pepper spice also increases into the second part of the cigar.

This is where the creamy baker's spice element takes a back seat.

The final third remains similar, but the cigar's strength increases to full bodies. The cigar remains smooth, yet stronger with meaty and pungent aged tobacco flavours.

Gurkha Pure Evil Draw

Gurkha Pure Evil Draw

The draw of the Gurkha Pure Evil has a touch of resistance to it. It helps the cigar to release a layered flavour experience with every puff. The draw remains very smooth throughout the entire smoke.

GurkhaPure Evil Burn

An even slow burn from start to finish.

I didn't need to touch up. The smoking experience is slow. I prefer to smoke colder to enjoy the developing flavours. That also helps to keep the burn line even.

The cigar's ash is light grey. The cigar handles cold smoke well, allowing an even burn line throughout the cigar.

Gurkha Pure Evil Strength and Body

The Gurkha Pure Evil opens with a medium-strength and medium-bodied flavour. Although the flavours develop fast into a layered experience. The cigar takes a moment into the second part to develop stronger. And that is when the flavours and strength move into a fuller smoke.

It could be a medium-strength cigar, depending on your palate. I experience the Ghurka Pure evil and full strength from the second third.

Gurkha Pure Evil First Puff

Gurkha Pure Evil First Puff




Light spice Baking spices

Warm banana bread

This cigar is an easy smoke with pungent flavours, the cigar has rich truffle flavours. There are also wonderful warm banana bread flavours to coat your palate.

Now add something light to pair with your cigar.

Portuguese Rocim Mariana Rose

Portuguese Rocim Mariana Rose


Light acidity

Chalky limey

White pears

Fresh strawberries

Mariana Rose Taste

Mariana Rose Taste



Subtle balanced Sweetness

The wine offers a fresh Mediterranean Rose experience with light alcohol.

Portuguese Rocim Mariana Rose Pairing with Ghurka Pure Evil Cigar

Portuguese Rocim Mariana Rose Pairing with Ghurka Pure Evil Cigar

It is an interesting pairing. The pungent cigar smokes well with the strawberry-fruity Mediterranean rose.

The experience is sweet strawberries with pungent truffle meaty flavours.

I must say, I enjoy the punchy flavours of the cigar with the wine's hints of strawberry sweetness. The wine adds freshness and sweetness to the layered cigar flavours.

So after a glass of wine, Why not finish with a classic?

1920 is a famous Portuguese brand. It is sweeter, yet very smooth. A shot of 1920 for the last sip and puff to finish the cigar pairing. And the pairing is smooth with the brandy. It is a perfect match after the Rose wine.

Gurkha Pure Evil First Final Thoughts

Gurkha Pure Evil First Final Thoughts

The Gurkha Pure Evil cigar is an experience. It starts medium and creamy. Then moves into the meaty pungent truffle earthy flavours.

The key flavours of the cigar:

damp earth,

aged tobacco,

hints of sweetness

and then subtle baker’s Spice and Pepper spice.

The flavour profile was straightforward throughout most of the cigars. To conclude, the Gurkha Pure Evil is a fantastic cigar. It can be a great late-afternoon cigar, and I do think the 1920 Brandy is the perfect match. I am sure this cigar will pair perfectly with and espresso or strong coffee.

Even a strong-flavoured tea can be a great pairing. Whatever your preference,

Try the Ghurkha Pure Evil,

Click the link below to light up your Ghurka Pure Evil Robusto cigar.

Gurkha Pure Evil Robusto Cigar

Gurkha Pure Evil and 1920 Brandy