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Its name may prompt mistakes since we are dealing with a Mareva. A small Upmann, but powerful and with a very good taste. The cigar under this commercial name is presented in two different sizes or formats: Mareva and Eminente.

In the case of the Coronas, the cigars are always hand rolled but in the case of the Eminentes they can be both hand rolled or machine rolled. The blend is the same in the two versions. A powerful cigar with a pretty good taste. There are 2 different Coronas Major: one is handmade and the other is machine made hand finish.

In 2004 Habanos discontinued the machine made and kept only the hand made.

A powerful cigar which produces a very tasty smoke. Direct, this Corona needs a well paced smoke to avoid burning. Once only produced as a machine made cigars, Habanos did the right thing and now roll these by hand, presented in Tubos format. 

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