Partagas Shorts

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The Partagas Shorts is the signature Petit Corona (Minuto) size cigar of the Partagas brand, measuring 110mm x 42. It tastes like its big brother, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 but in a smaller size. This vitola may be small but it packs lots of wood, spice and earth flavors.

Overall the Partagas Shorts is a full bodied cigar and one of the best of its size. Smoking time is approximately 20 minutes, but what a great 20 minutes it is for this Habanos cigar. A pre-1960 release.

The Partagas Short has all the typical Partagas flavors in a small vitola.This cigar is appreciated by experienced smokers and connoisseurs alike who wish to smoke complex full bodied cigars in a shorter time.A great summary of what a great Partagas can be.

This is a great cigar to have on hand when looking for a full bodied classic Habana but you're short on time. An explosion of different aromas led by vanilla, coffee, wood and leather all come together to produce an 'espresso' type start to this Tres Petit Corona.

The Partagas power comes in discretely and before you know it, you are on an intense and rich finish and all you want to do is start again.

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