Raza Cigar Pairing

Raza Cigar Pairing

Posted by Francois Pistorius on 4th Aug 2022

Raza Cigar Pairing

A cigar made in Honduras with short filler tobacco. The handmade Raza cigar has a Corojo wrapper. The taste is light and very enjoyable for an easy smoke. The Raza cigar pairing is the perfect in-between and light smoke to light up.

Raza Toro Cigar

Raza Cigar profile:

Medium to light bodied.

Dimensions 114mm

Gauge 52

Raza Toro Cigar from Honduras

Cigars from Honduras

The tiny republic of Honduras borders Guatemala to the northwest, El Salvador to the west and Nicaragua to the south. It is a small country flanked by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The tropical rainforest covers almost half of the country and offers breathtaking nature. Like many Central American countries, Honduras has many volcanoes. The volcanic soil shaped the country's tobacco tradition.

The many rivers flow east through the valleys and flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The ruins of Copan in Honduras pay tribute to the great Mayan rulers.

Copan lay on the northwestern border with Guatemala and was an essential hub in the Maya empire. With the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the indigenous population disappeared without a trace. The abandoned city reached its heyday in the 8th century.

Columbus also gave the country its name, as there are unusual depths on its Atlantic coast. The name Honduras originates from "Hondura" and translated from Spanish means depth.

Raza Toro Cigar from Honduras

Honduras's largest tobacco-growing area is the state of "El Paraiso". It is an area in the mountains on the southern border. The region borders Nicaragua near Nueva Segovia and Esteli. El Paraiso is, on average, 800 meters above sea level with a tropical climate of a rounded annual 20°C.

The Mayans first planted tobacco in Honduras. Today tobacco grows around the ruins of Copan. The excellent weather conditions and fertile soils offer ideal conditions for tobacco growing.

Raza handmade Toro cigar

Raza Cigar and Wine Pairing

A light cigar needs the right compliment. A light drink or your favourite drink with flavour. And one of the best compliments to an easy-smoking cigar is a white wine.

The wine sweetness will coat your palate and add fruity flavours to pair with the earthy tobacco flavours.

Raza Toro cigar wine pairing

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is full of floral and honeyed aromas. A Chenin blanc wine can have apple-like flavours with well-balanced acidity. Cool-fermented, fuller South African Chenin blanc has distinct peachy flavours.

If you age Chenin Blanc in wood, the wine develops a wonderful oaky, fruity and fuller character ideal to pair with a cigar.

Unwooded Chardonnay

Unoaked Chardonnay has tastes of green apple, lemon and sometimes pineapple with a long fruity finish.

Winemaker first started making Unoaked Chardonnay in Chablis. It is a region about 80 miles Northwest of Dijon, France, in Burgundy. Unoaked Chardonnay has no butter, vanilla or full creamy tastes. The wines do not have the traditional butter-cream style of an oaked Chardonnay. Unoaked chardonnay ages in stainless steel, concrete or neutral oak.

Unoaked Chardonnay is a lighter white wine with balanced acidity. The full-tasting but light wine compliments a lighter cigar.

White blend Raza Toro cigar pairing

White Blend

Compared to most varietals, many white blends offer significant bottle ageing potential. The flavours vary between citrus and tropical fruits.

The History of White Blends

White wine has existed for over 2500 years. A white blend refers to any white wine with more than one white grape varietal.

White Bordeaux originated in the 18th century using grapes such as Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadelle.

Other white blends also exist throughout the world. Winemakers blend various white grapes to create unique white wine blends. These wines offer unique and delicious flavours expressing the grapes' characteristics.

White Blend Tasting Notes

Winemakers crush and ferment the grapes individually before blending takes place. Traditional white blends follow age-old recipes like White Bordeaux, Sauternes, or White Rioja. White blends offer significant bottle ageing potential. The flavours vary, but most white blends contain citrus and white fruit notes.

One characteristic of a white blend is the smooth, waxy mouthfeel. The waxiness and sweetness of a white blend make the wine excellent to pair with cigars. The wine sweetness lifts the toasty tobacco tastes.

White blend and cigar tasting

White Blend and Cigar Tasting

White Blend Scents

fruit salad


light tropical fruits

fresh fragrant scents

White blend scents

White blend taste



sweet aftertaste

summer fruit salad

spritz feel without any bubbles

The waxy tastes combine fruit and sweetness for an easy-drinking, enjoyable white wine.

White blend tastes and flavours

Raza Toro Cigar

The toro-sized cigars smoke easy for their size. You can enjoy the cigars with your morning coffee, lunch break or after dinner. It is a light companion to any drink.

Raza Toro cigar aroma

Raza Toro Dry Aroma


wet grass



hints of caramel

light tobacco scents

Raza Toro dry draw

Raza Toro Dry Draw

caramel tastes

fruity sweetness

light and easy draw

apple flavours on the draw

Raza Toro First Puff

Raza Toro First Puff

Milk chocolate

Light, toasty biscuit tastes.

Super easy and light draw and smoke

Creamy and smooth with light hot caramel flavours

Raza Toro cigar and coffee pairing

Raza Toro, Coffee and white blend pairing

The single-origin Colombian coffee drinks smooth and earthy. The mild coffee adds depth to a very light caramel-tasting Raza cigar.

The sweetness of wine enhances the cigar's toasty and fragrant earthy tastes. The light tobacco pairs well with a mild coffee and the fruit sweetness of the white blend.

Raza Toro cigar and white blend wine pairing

Raza Toro pairing conclusion


Sipping on a light Colombian single-origin coffee while tasting the voluminous smoking Raza Toro. The coffee is smooth and light. The balanced acidity and rounded earthy flavours blend easily with light earthy tobacco tastes.

The roasted coffee aromas and flavours lift the light caramel cigar tastes.

Raza Toro cigar & White blend

White blend

The white blend adds fruit sweetness. The cigar smokes with a milky caramel and light toasted nuts flavours.

As the Raza Toro evolves, bolder toasty flavours develop as the tobacco warms. It is a cigar to smoke slow as the tobacco warms quick and releases volumes of tobacco smoke while you puff.

Raza Toro Cigar, Citrus, Coffee and wine pairing

Raza Toro Cigar

Dry, nutty powder tastes.

The white blend enhances the hot tobacco with a waxy, fresh fruity aftertaste.

It is a volume smoke combining fresh citrus, earthy caffeine coffee tastes and the light white wine sweetness.

Raza Toro cigar and wine experience

The Raza Toro taste experience resembles hints of summer with a perfect light tobacco smoke to see out the end of a short South African winter.

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