Umnum Canonazo cigar pairing

Umnum Canonazo cigar pairing

Posted by Francois Pistorius on 29th Jul 2022

Umnum Canonazo cigar pairing

Umnum Canonazo cigar pairing

The Umnum Canonazo is a Robusto size full of well-rounded and smooth flavours. At first light, it is toasty mossy, reminding me of wet forest leaves after a summer rain. Towards the middle, the tastes become more toasty and peaty.

Umnum Canonazo cigar

The UMNUM is a medium-bodied cigar using long filler Seco and Viso leaves from Jalapa and Ometepe. The cigar has Indonesian leaves for the binder. And an oily Nicaraguan Sungrown Colorado wrapper.

These cigars are delicious with a sweet, earthy flavour, toasty, light coffee, and nut tones.

UMNUM pays tribute to Central America's indigenous culture. A tradition celebrated from Cabo Camaron in Honduras to the Rio Grande in Nicaragua. Tobacco was the axis of the initiation rituals of the Amerindian culture.

But only the Chamans or Sukia had the privilege of consuming tobacco.

UMNUM'S band displays the image of the Sukia spirit. The black background represents the world of dreams, while the gold represents fire and ash. The elements take to make up a great cigar.

Long ago, only the shamans smoked tobacco. Through their rituals, they would smoke and convene with the gods. No one else was worthy of tasting "the master plant" and getting close to the gods. Perhaps the gods are on your side when you light a UMNUM cigar.

AE Lloyd & Sons produces the UMNUM cigars.

AE Lloyd & Sons produces the UMNUM cigars.

AE Lloyd & Sons History

A family firm since 1890. A handmade cigar retailing company of four generations.

AE Lloyd & Sons started the first UK cigar website in 1997. All cigars ship from the Gold Medal humidor.

Umnum Canonazo cigar

The original shop in the 1890s

Albert Edward Lloyd was a real character. He returned from living with the Sioux tribe in Minnesota to take over the cigar shop.

John Thomas Lloyd, his father, took on the shop after leaving the RAF at the end of World War II. JT was the first cigar aficionado in the family. Hoyo De Monterey was his "go-to" cigar, but he enjoyed any cigar so long as it was Cuban.

His love of cigars continues on the company website today. The website called Cigars of Cuba was good enough as no other cigar. Today the website stocks an extensive range of New World cigars with merit.

Vergelegen wines

Vergelegen wines

Founded on 1 February 1700. Some of the world's great explorers and visionaries owned Vergelegen.

Vergelegen means "Situated far Away".

Each owner has helped shape Vergelegen into what it is today, a world-class Estate.

Vergelegen produces award-winning wines and has a history spanning over 300 years. The Estate's exquisite gardens and cuisine suits all tastes.


Vergelegen's heritage consists of the Homestead, Library, Mill Ruins, Slave Lodge site and surrounding gardens.

The residential Homestead dates back to the 1700s. It comprises a series of pictorial panels detailing the various eras of history. Each room reflects the layered history of the over 300. The Homestead also houses an Exhibition Corridor.

Vergelegen white blend profile

Vergelegen white blend profile

Tight, focused and beautifully integrated with herbal fynbos flavours. Ripe tropical notes and a long, focused aftertaste.

Critic tasting note:

Beautiful aromas

The nose is spicy with a mineral edge.

The wine exhibits lovely layers of spicy sweet orange and peach. On the mouthfeel, you can taste a delicate waxy, light coating.

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage

Semillon 80% / Sauvignon Blanc 20 %

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage wine Aroma

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage wine Aroma


Ripe fruits

Olive oil scents

Dried fruit peach aroma

Petro chemical aged white wine scents

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage wine Aroma Colour

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage wine Aroma Colour

Aged golden syrup white wine colour

Vergelegen White blend 2004 vintage wine Taste

Ripe peaches

Balanced but loads of acidity

Syrup full flavour waxy texture

The wine has a fruity and waxy taste with delicious syrup and fruit blend on the aftertaste.

Umnum Canonazo cigar

Umnum Canonazo cigar

It is a thick gauge cigar. It is a nice size cigar after a few smaller gauges.

Umnum Canonazo Dry Aroma

The cigar has a musky aroma with great moisture.

Wet forest eart

Wet soil aroma after a summer rain

Earthy with spice and cocoa powder scents

Umnum Canonazo Dry Aroma

Umnum Canonazo Dry Draw

Light spice

Meaty taste

Cocoa powder

Umnum Canonazo Dry Draw

Umnum Canonazo First Puff

The first taste is hot chocolate ad cocoa powder. The cigar delivers immediate full toasty flavours.

The prominent characteristic of the UMNUM cigar is that it is toasty.

Umnum Canonazo First Puff

Umnum canonazo and Vergelegen 2004 aged white blend

Umnum Canonazo conclusion

The big gauge cigar has an even profile. There are no surprises or any significant new flavours that develop.

It is a super enjoyable toasty cigar from start to finish.

The aged wine compliment the toasty cigar with hints of fruit, sweetness and a suryp waxy coating. The Umnum has a firm draw enhancing the toasty notes.

The pairing is a delicious blend of marmalade jam and sourdough bread. Baking spice flavours linger on the palate with every puff.

Umnum canonazo and Vergelegen 2004 aged white blend

Pairing Sweetness

To add a touch of sweetness and enhance the baking spice flavours, take a bite of a chocolate doughnut. The doughnut lifts the cocoa powder and baking flavours in the cigar.

The Umnum has a woody finish. It is a perfect cigar to pair with a mild coffee, wine and a lighter spirit.

Chocolate Donut, Umnum cigar and Vergelegen 2004 aged white blend

Vergelegen 2004 aged white blend

Aged white wine

If you enjoy fuller flavoured white wines. Aged white wine will suit your palate. It is not easy to find. Most cellars age red wine instead of white wine. Aged white wine is a treat. Almost like a dessert wine.

The syrupy character and sweetness make it an ideal pairing with almost any cigar at any time of the day.

Buy the Umnum cigar

Buy the Umnum Cigar

The Umnum cigar will load on the website soon.

If you are in or travelling to Gauteng, drop by Pedro Portia cigar lounge and buy your UMNUM Cigar to light up.

Umnum Cigar