Montecristo No. 5

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The Montecristo No. 5, 40 x 102 mm, is one amazing smoke. Being shorter than other Montecristo doesn’t alter its strength or its construction. The draw is perfect, the burn is even and it is surprisingly smooth.

It never gets too hot or too strong. As the cigar goes along, woody and earthy aromas become more substantial, and so do the sweet and spicy aromas. The final third is quite strong. It is not the most complex cigar, but if you are looking a great everyday cigar, then look no more; this minuto requires about 1 hour if you smoke in a relaxed way.

The taste of this little one is almost like his bigger brothers.Full of flavor and very spicy yet creamy.It also has a very earthy taste. It’s a heavy cigar but never becomes unpleasant.Punchy and at the same time full of delicate floral notes and hints of vanilla, the No.5 has an underlying bitterness which is pleasantly reminiscent of cedar wood, which gives depth to the smoke. Very similar to the Montecristo No.4, the No. 5 is more direct and will burn faster giving the impression that it is a stronger cigar.  A solid earthiness dominates this minuto with some pleasant woody, floral and spicy notes.  A nervous finale. 

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2 Reviews

Elijah Hall 3rd May 2018

A beautiful spicy cigar

The Montecristo no. 5 is an immaculately rolled little cigar. It has a fairly tight draw and smokes for 30-40 minutes. It starts with a blend of strong spices which gradually become lighter as you smoke. There is a faint hint of chocolate aftertaste that really brings the spices together. Don't let the size fool you, this cigar has a full-bodied flavour and will certainly satisfy even the most experienced smoker.

Note: Best enjoyed while listening to the Beuna Vista Social Club album to add an authentic Cuban atmosphere to this fantastic Cuban cigar.

Max Behrens 7th Feb 2017

Delivers in a small rolled package

This petit corona only lacks in size and nothing else. The flavors started off with a wholesome earthy body with some hints of spiciness. The burn was very even and the draw was easy, making this a very pleasurable smoke. The strength picks up gradually during the smoke trading the earthiness with some ceder and the spiciness is joined with some subtle hints of vanilla. The flavors captivate you so that you find only the stub between your fingers as the hour has drifted by, accompanied by some impressively full smoke.
You find yourself wanting more but very satisfied when you finally put it down. Its size may be small but it still manages to make an impression.

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